The Squadroom

by Stabler

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Beautiful Toonz: Recorded by Mike Stewart, mixed and mastered by Sean Collier.



released 02 February 2013
Sach Hardon - Vocillers
Boston Flailmani - Geets
Ballin' Seamans - Bazz
Phil Herholes - Droomz



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Track Name: Intro
I see the way you look at me.
I see the way you look at me.

What will it take for you to see
that we all come from the same corrupted tree.
Track Name: Weak
I'll scream until deceased.
I won't give in to anothers dream.
This is my life.
I will die on my feet.

I've seen so many fall deep in a mindless system.
Never give up
Never give up

Don't be so weak.
Stand for what you believe.
Track Name: Consequences
I will not let my pain get the best of me.
I will not let this world defeat me.

No needle can harm me,
Nothing can break me.

I've been through thick and thin.
Waging war on fucked up consequences.
Track Name: Torture
Torture is in the making.
For those who don't comply.

Head in the dirt, feet to the fucking sky.

Prepare your fists.
Reject the culture.
Before your life is fucking over.
Track Name: Self Disgust
I beat my chest
In disgust with myself
How can I ever expect
To ever be loved

When I don't love myself.
Track Name: Stabler
Life might be like this forever.
It may never get any easier.
Painful memories bring tears to eyes.
I can't fucking sleep at night.

I can't handle myself,
I'm losing my mind.

I keep pushing forward,
I stand my ground.
I keep pushing forward,
I stand my ground.

Never looking back to my past.
Track Name: Humiliated
Stop chasing this fantasy.
If love is what it claims nothing will make it break.
Instead you bend to every word that she says.
To ease the wrath, you're so scared to face.

I guess you're just her little puppet.
I don't even know who you are anymore.
You're molded into something she created.
Left in the dirt, naked and humiliated.
Track Name: Disappointment
I once thought I knew you.
Guess I was wrong.
Life is full of surprises,
but I never thought.

That you'd be a disappointment,
I turned my back for just one moment.

Now you're gone, never coming back.
But I'm not alone,
Never alone.
Track Name: Desperate
Is this really what things have come to?
Desperate bodies controlled by desperate minds.
So scared to be alone
Searching for comfort you'll never find.

Stop kidding yourself.
You and I both well know
That in these petty relationships there is no love.

The only reason you keep someone around
Is so you can continue getting off.

Blinded by your filthy bed sheets
Wrapping that bloodstained noose around your neck.
You are your own worst enemy.
Track Name: Liar
The line between what's real and fake is starting to break you.
First breath's stating something
Next breath's contradicting.

And you're always exaggerating
I don't know how to take you seriously.

You've cried wolf one time too much,
now you're acting like you're stuck in a rut.

You want something from me?
I've got nothing to give.
Stop lying you sad piece of shit.